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A Single Kindness (ASK)

ASK is a special project of FPUPC that celebrates the spirit of Easter by raising funds to support a specific major mission project that will produce a tangible result.

The 2014 ASK project was to purchase a truck for the Rural Communities Development Agency in Mtskjheta, Republic of Georgia.  The RCDA is responsible for providing needed supplies and services to the residents of a large area of rural Georgia.  Having a truck greatly increased the RCDA’s ability to provide these supplies and services and also enabled it to significantly increase the number people that serves.

The 2015 ASK project was to purchase cabinets for a major kitchen renovation being planned for Grace Smith House.  The funds raised by the FPUPC ASK project were sufficient to make the planned kitchen renovation a reality.  Being able to help Grace Smith House complete their kitchen renovation was especially meaningful to our congregation since Grace Smith House was founded by the First Presbyterian Church of Poughkeepsie, which is one of the parent churches of FPUPC.

The 2016 ASK project was to provide financial assistance that would enable a refugee family from Syria to be resettled in Canada.  The family was sponsored by the First United Church of Ottawa, Canada.  First United’s sponsorship of this family enabled them to escape the ongoing turmoil in their war-torn homeland and resettle in Canada.  A new daughter was born into the family as it was being resettled, and our pastor, Reverend Paul Lent, had the pleasure of meeting the newly-expanded family during a recent trip to Canada.

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