Freedom Plains United Presbyterian Church in Lagrangeville, NY, is hiring one, two, or three people to support, nurture, and build our Music Program.


We seek applicants who will use their musical gifts to nurture the varied and substantial musical talents in our congregation and larger community. We are a congregation that would love a classical string group one week and a jazz group the next, and we sing hymns.   


The positions are:  


1. Music Director/Choir Director

The responsibilities of the Music/Choir Director include leading the choir and coordinating small vocal or instrumental groups and soloists.


2. Organist/Keyboard Accompanist

The responsibilities of the Organist include providing music during worship services and accompanying small musical groups and soloists.


3. Director of the School of Sacred Music

The School of Sacred Music is run with some adjunct paid teachers who offer classes for the church and wider community in eight-week sessions. Classes (such as flute choir, string ensemble, handbell choir, children’s choir, jazz group) are offered depending on interest and the recruitment or availability of staffing support. Responsibilities of the Director include scheduling and teaching classes and recruiting instructors and students. 



Previously, these positions were held by one person and required an average of 20 to 24 hours per week. There is some flexibility in the job descriptions depending on the talents and time of the applicants. Our musical life and these positions will center around Sunday Morning Worship.    



Please send inquiries, resumes and letters of interest to office@fppchurch.org.