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Our Committees

Pres·by·te·ri·an:  governed by elders according to the principles of Presbyterianism

Please Contact the Church If You Have Any New Ideas

Mission Committee


    The Mission Committee works to faithfully address and support the many needs of our        community: both locally and globally


    Colleen Snavely (Co- Chair).   email:

    Ellen McCutcheon (Co- Chair)  email:

    Sue Stuebner 

    Mary Ann Russo

    Heather Finck

    Susan Conrad

    Judith Hunt

    Judy Walters

Meeting Cadence:

    We meet (usually via Zoom) on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00

Christian Education


    - Shall formulate all education policies in conformity with the Presbyterian Book of Order.

    - Approve directors, teachers and other leaders for Sunday Church School, Vacation Bible School, Adult Education, Confirmation, Library Committee, and other educational endeavors as necessary.

    - Be responsible for the oversight of the education program for all age groups on Sundays and weekdays.  Provide a liaison to the Nursery School.  Organize and support junior and senior high youth fellowship.  Provide leadership for the Youth involved in church polity as well as camp and conference attendance.

    - Supply a liaison to the Scholarship Committee.

    - Should there be unresolved problems with the Boy Scout Pack or Troop regarding church sponsorship, it is this committee to which such issue is referred.  The committee will provide a liaison to communicate directly with the Scouts.

    - Have charge of all other educational efforts except those conducted by the pastors and those delegated to other committees or groups.

    - Responsible for planning and holding occasional adult fellowship activities.


    Doug Kellermeyer (Chair)  email:

    Irene Miliken

    Betsy Gellatly

    Jill Underwood

    Rev Heather Finck

    Don Mckinnon

    Anne De Muro

Meeting Cadence:

    This committee meets monthly on the third Sunday of each month following Service/Fellowship

Finance Committee



    Chuck Richwine (Chair)   email:

    Don Sagliano

    Ryan Travelpiece

    Gerry DeFiglio

    Rolf Brunner

    Marge Smith

Meeting Cadence:

    This Committee meets monthly and the third Thursday of each month

visibility Committee


   To bring the awesomeness of FPUPC to other by increasing the visibility through different channels



    James Hahm (Chair)   email:

    Heather Peterson

    Rev. Heather Finck


Meeting Cadence:

    This Committee does not have a regular scheduled meeting date

Property Committee




  Neal Townsend (Chair)   email:



Meeting Cadence:


Personnel Committee




    Robert Russo.  (Chair)   email:



Meeting Cadence:


New Committees

Church Life:   Committee to help organize events throughout the year

Membership:   Committee to help manage activities around the New Members

Stewardship:   Committee to help lead the stewardship within the Church 


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