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Our Pastors
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Interim Senior Pastor


Welcome! I come to Freedom Plains United Presbyterian Church after 33 years of ordained ministry. I’ve also served as a leader of an interfaith organization in Southwestern CT, and as television news reporter (9 years), where I got to tell some very interesting stories.


My church service has been spent in 4 wonderful churches in lower Westchester County and Fairfield County, CT. Each church has been filled with talented, interesting and interested people who love serving God.


I currently live in Greenwich, CT and am married to Virgil Roberson, a psychoanalyst (and former actor). My 25-year-old daughter, Peyton, is currently serving in the Peace Corps in Namibia, Africa. In my free time, I love to travel, play with our Berne doodle, Gidget, and go for a run or bike ride. Britbox has become a favorite go to on TV!


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Associate Pastor


I began my church ministry over 28 years ago serving churches in New Jersey and then the Albany, NY region before landing in Dutchess County with Freedom Plains United over 20 years ago.    


I have been blessed to witness the beauty of the cycle of life happening before my eyes.   Children I confirmed as adolescents,  grow, get married and then bring back babies to be baptized.   Or babies I have baptized grow up to fly the coop and join the service or study at college.  I have buried parents, friends, and children and though life is a painful struggle it can be full of love and beauty at the very same time.  Paying attention to what God is up to can be the hardest part.  


I am a trained Spiritual Director and I welcome finding new practices that can deepen my personal faith or our faith as a community.   I am blessed to be the mother of a daughter, Caileigh (22) and a son, Aidan (21).   We love traveling and we try to get in a little beach time each summer.   I enjoy yoga, reading, walking,  bird watching,  and knitting(sometimes) .  I am also in training to become an interfaith hospital chaplain. 

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Parish Nurse

The parish nurse acts as health counselor and educator, advocate for the congregation, and communication link with community health services to provide referrals. As part of the pastoral care team, the parish nurse makes visits to hospitals, nursing homes, and funeral parlors to support and pray with you and your loved ones.

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