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Christian Education at FPUPC

Christ teaches us that all are welcome and all are worthy. Christ teaches us to forgive even when we don’t want to; to show respect when we don’t have it in us. Church should be a safe place where we are nurtured and challenged to live a life that shows Christ’s love. This is what we aim to do in our Christian Ed. programs, ranging from Sunday School to Confirmation to Youth Fellowships, and Adult Education. Our Youth Ministry is in a period of growth and transition. To receive video children's sermons with bible stories, via email, please be in touch with the office. Read on to see what else we regularly do to foster the faith in our young people.

Sunday School

When our church is open for regular services again, the Sunday school program is open for children pre-K through 8th grade, where they are taught about God, the Bible and everyday lessons using age-appropriate curriculums. The children also participate in:

  • Children’s Fellowship – Various times throughout the church school year, the children all meet in Fellowship Hall to learn more about God and Bible stories through interactive games and activities.

  • Music and Singing

  • Bible Sunday – 2nd and 5th graders receive a Bible for their use at home and at church

  • Christmas Pageant and Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday School is held during Church service. Children attend church with their families, participate in the beginning of the service through the Children’s Message, and are then excused to go to Sunday School. We are blessed to have so many children and families involved, and always welcome visitors and new friends to join us. 


Confirmation can be an exciting exploration.  Freedom Plains United offers confirmation classes to 9th grade students beginning after Christmas and culminating with a worship service and celebration of students joining the church that spring.

Choosing to become a member of the church is a big decision that requires responsibility and thoughtfulness.  We hope students will share their questions and concerns so that we can explore them together before making their decision.  The class enjoys a weekend retreat together, a day tour of some NYC churches, weekly classes and working with a church member as a mentor.

How do you feel God talking to you?  Does God have a plan for you?  How does Jesus’ love make a difference in your life?  These are just a few of the questions we will enjoy exploring together.

Junior and Senior High Youth Fellowships

6th through 8th graders are invited to join our Junior High Youth Fellowship and 9th through 12th graders are invited to join our Senior High Youth Fellowship.  Both fellowships offer the opportunity for young people to enjoy social events with their peers and to grow in their Christian faith.

Adult Education: Bible Study

The purpose of this Fellowship is to provide: first, an opportunity to get familiar with the Bible, the endless source of inspiration for the betterment of humanity throughout history; second, an opportunity to encourage participants to study our text of faith, the Bible; third, another opportunity to examine any applicability of the Word to our life journey and life issues; fourth, an opportunity to share our deep concerns and be encouraged to form a genuinely faith-based community.

Contact the Church Office (845) 452-0684

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