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Caring for God's Creation

A Virtual Art Fair Earth Care Sunday, April 25, 2021

Organized by the FPUPC Earth Stewards Committee

This year the Earth Stewards and the Christian Education Committees decided to sponsor a Virtual Art Fair for K-12 students. We received 6 pieces of art from students who ranged in age from 5 to 8 years old. When we looked at the art, we could see the considerable efforts that these young artists put into their work. We think they are amazing! Those of us who looked at the art saw many messages they were telling us. Perhaps we did not always see it exactly like the artists intended, but that is the fun of art, isn’t it? Everyone can appreciate it differently! With that said, here are some of our reflections for each piece.

Aubrey T – God’s Creatures – Age 7

Sun, sky, clouds, soil and grass, an evergreen tree, monarch butterflies, purple coneflowers, tulips, ferns, amaryllis, more flowers, bunny rabbits, dogs, chickens, and ducks. There are many different species under sun reminding us that God loves diversity. Why would He makes so many different plants and animals if he didn’t love diversity? God cares for us by giving us abundance in so many ways! 

Thank you, Aubrey, for this lovely, well- organized, colorful collage which reminds us that God has given us so much!

Cyrus L – untitled – age 8

Cyrus knows what the globe of the Earth looks like! The green land, the blue water, and at the bottom of the globe, he has left it white so that we can remember Antarctica! How clever, Cyrus! After all, we must not leave out any part of God’s Creation when we were are trying to take good care of it. The friendly blue bear is embracing the Earth because we all must play our part in taking care of our planet.

Thank you, Cyrus, for your awareness of what celebrating Earth Day should mean for us all!

Esther L – untitled – age 5

Our eye is drawn to the globe in the middle where we can see “One Earth”. Esther has drawn animals, a squirrel, a rabbit, a giraffe, and we can sense that all the animals are living together peacefully. Close by, we can almost smell the cut grass, and in the distance we see the majestic purple mountains. We think Esther has drawn herself with hearts on her dress to show her love for nature and all the animals.

Thank you, Esther, for reminding us that we have but one Earth that we all should care for and love.

Nathan T – untitled – age 8

Nathan has drawn the planet Earth with lots of recycle bins. The people are holding signs and telling us to recycle, and that we must care for the Earth. We are sure they want to make the Earth cleaner and more sustainable because we need to keep our land and waterways clean. There is so much to be mindful of when we think about how we can best live lightly on the Earth, so it can be in good condition for generations to come!

Thank you, Nathan, for this important message to take good care of the Earth!

Zac T – untitled – age 6

Zac has chosen bright yellow for his background for his drawing of the globe. We are basking in the sunlight and thinking of the joy we can feel when celebrating Earth Day. We think Zac is reminding us that we must recycle and not pollute so that the land stays green and the water blue. Look at that lovely blue water!

Thank you, Zac, for your lovely colors and reminding us to keep the natural resources in excellent condition.

Sophia – Puppy and Kitty Playing in Nature – age 5

Sophia has drawn this puppy and kitty, with fur and true-to-life details, skillfully capturing their happiness while playing in nature! They look like they are jumping for joy! It makes us want to go out in nature and feel God’s glorious blessings of the out-of-doors. If we spend more time in nature, we will want to take care of this beautiful earth so that it is always here for people and animals to enjoy!

Thank you, Sophia, for bringing us such joy and understanding through your colorful art work.

In closing, we want to say thanks to all the students and parents who made this virtual art fair possible. Next time, we hope that more students will participate, and that it won’t need to be “virtual”. Until then, let’s all remember that we need to do our part to care for the earth, for the earth is the Lord’s, and all that is within it.

Commentary by Ruth Sheets, Colleen Snavely, and Renie Milliken

Photos of the artwork by Joe Donato and Ruth Sheets

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