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Junior HIgh Youth Fellowship 

Junior High Youth Fellowship


We play games as serious as Charades and as loud as Pew Crawl (ask a junior high). Together we work to build trust, encourage Christian love and respect while exploring the faith we have inherited.  Slowly we begin to claim it as our own.

Our group has 4 general rules that help us to foster a place where all feel welcome and safe. Our rules are meant to builds us up, not constrict us.

  1. No put downs

  2. Respect one another

  3. What is said here stays here

  4. Right to pass

After enjoying games that may or may not relate to our discussion, after enjoying the snacks that people bring to share, we close with our own ritual; The Tin Foil Ball. Someone volunteers to be in the center of our circle sharing about the things that they are grateful for in life and the things that they are concerned about (family, school, friends, etc).

While they share they add a new layer of foil to our ball. After they are done talking they stay in the center of the circle and hand it off to someone in the circle. It is then that everyone else in the group has the opportunity to say something that they are grateful to God for in the person who has added the foil. When everyone has had a chance to build up the person in the center then she/he joins the circle and we pray together.

We begin our meetings in fellowship hall on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 4:00pm to 5:30 pm and have breaks according to the Arlington school calendar and inclement weather. Friends and non-members are always welcome.

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